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Mar. 2nd, 2008 | 10:43 pm
mood: stressed stressed

Today I will start again, trying to write something here .
I am from Germany and 29 years old.
I am working as a train driver in a big german railway company.
Train driver was a dream job for me.

I love Lolita very long ago, when I was 14 I was in Hong Kong. I´m still sure that I saw there a lolita, but don´t know it really.
3 Years ago I got the first GLB and so the dream starts again.

In 2008 November a girl helped me with some Links to Site´s.

Now I already have a big Collection of  Lolita clothing.
My second Love is Collect Dolls.. I have Pullips, Blythes and a BJD ^^ .

Every new Friend is welcome.. ..I like to meet people from other country.

Greetings to all


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Hello ^_^


From: misakimodel
Date: Apr. 15th, 2012 05:13 am (UTC)

I'm from New Zealand and am building up my gothic lolita wardrobe too. I recieved my first JSK about a month ago and was so excited.
I would love to be friends ^_^

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Re: Hello ^_^


From: samsara83
Date: Apr. 15th, 2012 02:23 pm (UTC)

Hello :) Oh this Post is very very old ^^ .
I still spend many Money to my love Dresses but actually I have already a very good Basic Closet for Lolita :) .

Its really nice to hear that you started with wearing Lolita.
This is a very elegant and cute Fashion :) .
If you need any help or searching for some Clothes just write me.
At the moment I sell some Oddment Lucky Pack Items. I am interested in Selling or trading it. The price are also speakable ;) .


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